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Hoface International School is a sanctuary of learning and growth for children and young adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Established in 2020 by a dedicated educator, our school has quickly become a cornerstone for families seeking specialized education tailored to the unique needs of their children.


We are committed to providing a comprehensive educational experience that nurtures the potential of each student. Our boarding school model ensures that children receive continuous care and supervision, creating a stable environment where they can thrive academically and socially.


We have several impactful projects at our school that you can support. Firstly, we have short-term initiatives aimed at immediate needs such as a vocational rehabilitation class and a speech and occupational therapy room, each requiring $3000 for proper equipment.

For our long-term endeavor, we aspire to expand our institution by constructing a modern autistic sheltered facility in Mombasa County. This facility aims to accommodate over 1500 young adults (aged 18 to 25) with developmental disabilities. The budget for this ambitious project is $10,000,000 (approximately Kshs 100,000,000).




Moreover, we have our “Sponsor a Child” program. Through this initiative, individuals can provide educational and life skills support to children in need. Sponsorship tiers include Bronze ($450), Silver ($650), and Gold ($750).


Why Donate?

  • Enhance Educational Programs: Implement cutting-edge teaching methods and technologies.
  • Expand Facilities: Build additional classrooms and therapy areas to accommodate more students.
  • Support Families: Offer scholarships and financial aid to families in need.
  • Train Staff: Continue to provide our staff with the latest training in specialized educational strategies.

How Your Contribution Helps

  • Scholarship Fund: Help us ensure that no child is turned away due to financial constraints.
  • Building Expansion: Contribute to our campus development plans which include a new therapy wing and updated learning spaces.
  • Resource Acquisition: Assist in acquiring new learning materials and technology that make a significant difference in our educational programs.

Ways to Donate

Donate Online

Join our community for monthly donors and provide ongoing support to our students.Use the Donation form on the right, for anybody who doesn’t need a donation receipt.

Bank Transfer

You can also make a direct wire/bank transfer to our account. Kindly include your full names and your address.


A/C NO: 1303250527


You can also make transfer to our  account using this information . 


A/C NO: 6039962

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